Class of 1987
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Dani Jensen
Karen De La Vina
Traci Ehrhardt
Charisse Andrews
Ann Kennedy
David Benn
Natalie Logan
Page 2

Todd Underwood
Tom Corbin ('86)
Steve Floyd
Rob Fisher
Blaine Cline
Dan Steffen
Scott Beauchamp
Todd Padberg
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Jim Zieler
Janice Guethle
Wendy Lane
Bill Smith
Page 4

Lynette Bock
Karen Cimato
Andee Carlos
Diane Bolles
Keith Gallagher

Page 5

Carina Judkins Hobbs
Todd Padberg
Ann Kennedy
Scott Beauchamp
Rachel Duck
Leo Prasnik
Craig Babinski
Bill Bowling
Louis Delsarto
Page 6

Katie Shaver
Jennifer Menge
Dennis Herrig
Sheila Tann
Rob Fisher
Page 7

Steve LaBell
Darren Olsen
Mark Lincoln
Kerry Hamm
Sally Sparks/Sarah Suppe
Jerry Adamany
Page 8

Leo Prasnik
Kim Chuppa
Nick Cornell
Alex Gharib
Craig Babinski ('86)
Brad Flahiff
Valerie Whitchurch
Page 9

Stacey Elack
Tina Holz
Dorothy Large (Ford)
Eileen Rowe ('86)
Maria Curiale (Woods)
Page 10

Sean Nelson
Mike Fields
Brian Moulson