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This site is for all SMHS alumni, regardless of graduation year.  I am always looking for reunion info, photos (old and current), updated alumni information, etc.  Please contact me anytime!

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UPDATE JULY 2010: Very special thank you to Scott Beauchamp '87, who gave a substantial donation to keep this site running.  Thank you also to Stacey Gubser '87, Brad Flahiff '87, Danielle (Jensen) Henson '87, and the class of 1978 Reunion Committee for past contributions.

Thank you all for your patience--as some of you are aware, I have had some personal setbacks in the past couple of years and that (along with Yahoo Geocities completely revamping their web hosting!) have caused extreme delays in my ability to keep the site updated.  I look forward to getting the site up to date now!
Matadors Hall of Fame

*Curt Schilling '85*
*Mike Bibby '96*
*Misty Hyman '97*
*Travis McNabb '87*
*Chris Coraggio '84*
*Tory Nixon '80*
*Kim Gennaula '82*
*Amy Davidson '98*
*Shaun McDonald '99*
*Ryan Slattery '96*
*Scott Gershin '78*
*Buddy Rice '94*
*D'mari Von Lintel '95*
*Marina Toybina '00*
*Stephanie Hass '03*
*Laurie Notaro '03*
Anthony Backman  '90
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A Shadow Mtn. alumni reunion love story! 
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